End of Life Doula

Being an End of Life Doula is sacred work: I provide comfort and deep meaning for the one moving on and to their dear ones. If hospice is involved, my work augments their valuable services – it does not replace them.

I can provide in-person services. However, in the face of the pandemic, I have adapted my services to also provide this same loving support via phone, zoom, and text, including monthly “on call” packages.

Classes and Workshops

Join us in these programs focusing on different aspects of dying and living: Grief and Loss, Facing One’s Own Death, Death Years Later, and That Which Does Not Die. Participants engage these topics with stories, as well as through creative writing, meditations, sharing, and exercises. The series repeats every year in two formats: six-week series and weekend-long “home retreats.” Learn more about upcoming programs here.

Legacy Building

Stories are the way we carry the legacy of our family throughout time. As a spiritual storyteller, I guide everyone through the process of eliciting, remembering, and memorializing the stories of lives lived together.

Work with me to build your family’s legacy through stories.

Other Services

Ready to make your wishes known, even though the end is not in sight? Need loving assistance as you navigate the days and weeks following a loved one’s passing? I provide these and many other services – just ask.

Loving Help When You Need It

The end of a loved one’s life is both difficult and holy: it is a spiritual journey for all who are involved. The one who is dying needs comfort, support, and presence in a way that sometimes is too difficult and draining for family members to provide exclusively by themselves.

Family members need support as well: to understand what is happening, to dispel fear and regrets, to allow the joys of the shared life together to mingle freely with the grief of losing another.

As an End of Life Doula, I bring decades of experience – as a family therapist, a spiritual guide, and one who has survived the intense grief of loss. I am a calm and steady open-hearted soul for clients and their families before, during, and after the transition.

In short, I support everyone with love.