Legacy Builder Class

The Legacy Builder Class is a three-part, online class you take with others who are also embarking on building their family’s legacy. By the end of the three classes, you’ll have the tools and confidence to begin taking on this important task, and the knowledge that expert assistance is always available to you along the way.


Class 1: The Basics
Learn how to break the ice with someone to get them to tell you a meaningful story. Receive a set of prompts and strategies that you can use with other family members. Practice how to keep the conversation going without being pushy or journalistic so that deeper meanings can begin to emerge. Build a strategy about who to approach first – and when.

Class 2: Practice
Now that you have the tools and the beginnings of your plan, practice the interviewing and recording techniques you learned in the first class. Get valuable feedback from the instructor and other class members, and refine your plan.

Class 3: Feedback and Planning
It’s been two weeks since Class #2. In the meantime, you’ve begun your interviews, run into obstacles, and had successes. You now have the beginnings of your legacy – share what you’ve learned and receive valuable guidance on how to proceed with confidence.


Classes meet on the first, second, and fourth weeks of the month. Either Sunday afternoons or Wednesday evenings are available. Classes are conducted via zoom (a free video-conferencing system) and are two hours long.

Reserve your spot here; details will be sent!


The three-class program is $75 per person, payable in advance. A full refund is available if, after the first class, you aren’t completely satisfied with the program.

Office Hours

Office hours are held on the third week of the month for an additional $25 per person fee. Individual consultations are available; please contact me for rates.