Legacy Storytelling Class

What is our legacy? It’s not our land, our things, our money – it’s our values.

The Legacy Storytelling Class is a three-part, online class you take with others who are also embarking on building their legacy. By the end of the three classes, you’ll have built the first episode of your legacy, and gained the confidence to continue the work, whether assisted or independently.


Class 1: Values
The first task is to understand what we value – not global things, like peace and oneness, but the more personal values that have adorned our lives. Perhaps we appreciated travel to new places, or inviting others to our living room… Perhaps we liked to sing with others, or make crafts for others…

From a list of several dozen candidates, you will explore what really matters to you, and has mattered to you, in your life. Together with a partner or two, you will discuss this list, and narrow it down to two or three first candidates.

Class 2: Discovery
In this class, we’ll focus on one value. You’ll recall a few times in your life, earlier on rather than later, when you encountered this value. Perhaps you saw someone else demonstrate it, or you did, or it was a gift to you. You’ll pick one that holds a lot of meaning for you, and that is easy to recall. Then you’ll immerse yourself in the scene, along with tools and prompts to make it more vivid and memorable. Finally, you’ll summarize the scene… and next time, you’ll craft it into a story!

Class 3: Storywork
In this class, you’ll take the scene you selected last time and craft an oral narrative from it. You may first develop a written outline, but the goal is to create a story that can be told without notes. By the end of the class, you’ll tell the story to your partner, and they’ll tell it back to you… and now the real fun begins!


Classes meet via zoom for three consecutive weeks, and are offered on a monthly basis. Classes are scheduled for 6:30-8:30 pm Eastern on Tuesdays; minimum enrollment is 6.

Reserve your spot here; payment is only required when the class minimum is met. More details will be sent at that time.


The three-class program is $69 per person, payable in advance once the minimum registration is met. A full refund is available if, after the first class, you aren’t completely satisfied with the program.