Jim Brulé

Jim Brulé, MA, MS

I am an End of Life Doula, which means I am here to help you and yours through the transition out of life in much the same way that birth doulas help with the transition into life: through loving preparation, comfort, and presence throughout this sacred stage. I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology, and am a member of the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) and have earned their Proficiency Badge.

I’ve been blessed with a life full of diverse experiences, and it’s my privilege to be able to channel those experiences into the work I do now: helping individuals and families navigate the transition around the end of life.

While I have many stories to tell, here’s what I think is most important for you to know: I am a spiritual storyteller who has been engaged in open-hearted healing throughout my life. My first career was as a family therapist for families of adolescents, and during that decade I learned about how to stay calm, open, and strong during turbulent times. I also learned that, rather than having “the answer,” it was critical to lovingly listen and discern what each person wanted, and then help the family craft their own solution to their own needs. The value of that work in those early years has never diminished – it has only grown.

I am a spiritual person, including being a spiritual storyteller. I have spent too many years to count deepening my own path by being in deep and loving exchange with followers of many other paths. For example, I run a school for multi-faith spiritual storytelling with students and faculty from over a dozen different traditions. So I have come to a real state of spiritual humility in appreciating the treasures that each tradition brings.

I have faced the death of my parents in very different circumstances: as a young adult, when my mother died unexpectedly, and as an older adult when my father – for whom I was the primary caregiver – died after many years of illness. I have counseled many individuals and families through the grief process and officiated at many funerals. I have come to appreciate the intertwined grief and love that comes with facing the end of life.

It is my humble privilege to be an End of Life Doula.

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