Distance Reiki

Welcome to our weekly Distance Reiki session. I am a Reiki master in the Usui / Holy Fire III system.

Every week, Reiki practitioners gather “virtually” to offer distance Reiki to whoever has expressed an interest. The current list people interested (by first name) and their intentions (if offered) is below. If you want to add your intention or simply let us know you will be here, please let us know. Should you be interested in individualized distance sessions, please contact me directly.

If you like, you may use this link of pleasant visuals and sounds for your 30 minutes.

Note – you do not have to be online to receive distance Reiki!

Blessings / Namaste

Individuals (Practitioners*):

  • Jim*
  • Linda*
  • Arianna*
  • Teri*
  • Perry
  • Heidi
  • Shannon
  • Caroline
  • Lauretta
  • Robin
  • Kristin
  • Laura
  • Emily
  • Bekky
  • Marc
  • Laura
  • Joanne
  • Darci
  • Anna
  • Barbara
  • Tama
  • Gayle


  • Hold Elly in light
  • Hold Caroline in light
  • Shelter grandchildren from fear
  • To bring peace and health to my loved ones, myself and the world
  • Patience and hope for all who are struggling with isolation
  • Balance
  • Clarity
  • Peace, kindness and patience
  • Light, Love and Healing for the World
  • Trust