My Faith Tradition

My Faith Tradition

I’m Jewish, and live my life in humble respect of all faith traditions. I have been ordained as a Maggid – a Jewish spiritual storyteller and guide – and have often served as the interim leader of several congregations as they search for a new rabbi. I also lead a school for multi-faith spiritual storytelling that has faculty and students from over a dozen traditions.

I have also received formal training as an interfaith chaplain, completing a year of CPE training at Upstate Medical University, where I specialized in the hematology and oncology units, as well as the trauma and emergency services.

What does that mean for you?

If you or members of your family are Jewish, I have a special understanding of the traditions, rituals, and perspectives that Judaism brings to life, death and mourning.

If you or members of your family are not Jewish, I have a rich appreciation of the strength and beauty of your tradition, particularly if you consider yourself to be Muslim, Christian, or Buddhist.

Most importantly – your relationship with matters spiritual is something I will deeply respect, as I will all matters in your personal lives.

Let’s walk this sacred path together.